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Here's the latest count in election between Mia Love and Democrat McAdams

Republican Rep. Mia Love (Utah) got another boost in her campaign Monday when the election count swung further to her favor over Democratic challenger Ben McAdams. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

More ballot results have been reported in the contest between Rep. Mia Love (R) and her Democratic challenger, Ben McAdams, and it is very good news for the popular Republican.

Love now has a 1,516 vote lead over McAdams in the latest vote count made on Monday. On Friday, the last vote count had Love only 413 votes ahead, which would have been within the recount margin.

Her new lead places her at 0.58 percentage points, well outside the 0.25 recount margin.

The election for Utah's 4th district appeared to be heading towards a victory for McAdams, the mayor of Salt Lake County, but Love made up the gap and took the lead as more votes were counted.

McAdams has a chance to seize victory yet - the votes yet to be counted come from Democratic-leaning regions of the district.

The election results should be finalized on Tuesday.

If Love retains her lead, she will be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for a third time.

President Donald Trump mocked Mia Love for not embracing his policies enough after it appeared that she had lost her re-election bid the day after the midterm election.

Here's Trump mocking Love:

[Ed. Note: This article was corrected to reflect that McAdams is the mayor of Salt Lake County, not Salt Lake City. We regret the error.]

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