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Abortionist gets jail for drowning baby in bucket of water after infant 'burst out crying' during botched abortion in South Korea


'It is clear that the doctor killed the baby, who was born alive'

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A South Korean court sentenced an obstetrician to three years and six months in prison for killing a baby who was born alive and "burst out crying" during an abortion procedure, the Korea Times reported.

Seoul Central District Court on Friday convicted the 65-year-old doctor, surnamed Yun, of killing the 34-week-old baby, the paper said, adding that Yun had been indicted on murder charges for placing the infant in a bucket of water.

'It is clear that the doctor killed the baby, who was born alive'

"Medical staff who participated in the operation have consistently said they heard the baby crying," a three-judge panel of the court said in a statement, the Times reported. "It is clear that the doctor killed the baby, who was born alive."

Yun, who ran a maternity clinic in Seoul, received 28 million won ($23,000) for the procedure from the mother of a 16-year-old pregnant girl, the paper said.

Along with the prison sentence, the court suspended Yun's medical license for three years, the Times said.

Anything else?

The Constitutional Court in 2019 ruled that the law banning abortion is unconstitutional and demanded the National Assembly revise it by the end of 2020, the paper said.

The court ruled that abortion before 22 weeks of pregnancy should be decriminalized and that women's rights to self-determination outweighs a fetus' right to life, the Times reported.

Here is a 4D ultrasound video of a baby in the womb. The clip's description says the baby is 34 weeks old — the same age of the infant in the aforementioned court case:

4D Ultrasound of 34 Week Baby

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