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Ocasio-Cortez schooled, hit with reality check after suggesting better ways to spend $5.7B


That didn't go over well

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What's the best possible way for the federal government to spend $5.7 billion?

That's the question Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) was left asking this week after Republican in Congress approved a spending bill — that would have prevented the government from partially shutting down — this week. The legislation earmarked $5.7 billion for President Donald Trump's border wall, something Ocasio-Cortez vehemently opposes.

What did Ocasio-Cortez say?

After House Republicans passed the spending measure, she suggested what she believes would be a better use of $5.7 billion of taxpayer money.

Then on Friday, Ocasio-Cortez said $5.7 billion could be used to fund universal pre-K education for American children. She also lamented that she is often asked how to pay for the socialist programs she proposes — which would, in fairness, cost taxpayers tens of trillions of dollars — while Republicans are able to find the spending for their policy goals.

"Education is an investment in society that yields returns. Walls are waste," she said.

What was the response?

As usual, social media users were quick to inform Ocasio-Cortez exactly what functions the government is constitutionally responsible for — such as protection — and those they aren't mandated to perform.

  • "Here's the thing... umm... defending our borders is actually... like... a function of Federal government. And the stuff you listed is... like... so not," one person responded.
  • "The federal government pays for none of that. Do you have any idea how government works?" another person said.
  • Literally none of those things is the job of the federal govt. - from the get-go they have been charged with protecting our people and our BORDERS. That IS their main job. Not paying teachers. Not fixing pipes. Not pretending to care about green energy. Not paying for college," another added.
  • "Well, teachers aren't federal employees and local infrastructure isn't either. Plus, why should taxpayers be on the hook for college tuition? Lastly, if green jobs were so 'shovel ready' capitalism would take care of it. The only job of the fed is to keep us safe," one person told Ocasio-Cortez.

Numerous groups have estimated that Ocasio-Cortez's socialist agenda would cost American taxpayers more than $40 trillion, a proposition she has so far proved unable to defend.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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