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Protesters create large snow barrier outside precinct to prevent Seattle cops from responding to emergencies



Image source: Instagram video screenshot

Purported members of Antifa worked together to create a snow barricade outside a Seattle, Washington, police precinct in order to prevent police from responding to calls during a Friday and Saturday snowstorm.

What are the details?

According to Fox News, protesters created a ramp of snow at least three feet tall outside the city's East Precinct building, which was at the center of the CHOP zone over the summer.

The barricade effectively prevented officers' vehicles from leaving the building.

The outlet notes that around a dozen demonstrators gathered outside the precinct and gleefully cheered when they saw that police were unable to leave the precinct in their vehicles.

"As the patrol car tried to leave the precinct, and was blocked by the ramp, protesters could be seen jumping up and down and celebrating, hurling snowballs at the vehicle," Fox reported.

After several unsuccessful attempts to maneuver around the large snow pile, several officers exited the precinct and worked together to shovel the snow away from the exit.

At least one officer can be heard in a social media video threatening to arrest bystanders if they "do this again."

"You cannot block police from exiting a police vehicle precinct," another officer can be heard saying.

Another video — shared by Instagram user "seattleblmflowerfairy" — shows a crowd of demonstrators telling officers that they are gathered to just have a "friendly snowball fight here at the East Precinct."

Another person can be be heard saying that "cops are being aggressive and violating people's rights" as officers begin moving people away from the area to remove the obstruction.

Moments later, an officer can be heard asking a protester if they would like a sticker.

"You seem a little angry and sad; usually stickers make people feel better," the unnamed officer can be heard saying.

The person responds, "I'm not sad. Am I angry? Yes."

Journalist Andy Ngo also shared video of the encounter on Twitter and wrote, "Overnight, #antifa in Seattle gathered to pile snow on one of the driveways of the Seattle Police east precinct (where CHAZ) used to be. They stopped police from being able to drive out to respond to calls during the snow storm."

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