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Security camera captures vandal tossing an incendiary device into Democratic Party offices in Austin

Image Source: KVUE-TV YouTube video screenshot composite

Police are looking for a man caught on surveillance video tossing an incendiary explosive device into the offices of the Democratic Party of Travis County in Texas.

Arson investigators say the man lobbed what is colloquially known as a Molotov cocktail into the offices in downtown Austin at about 2 a.m. Wednesday.

The video shows a man with a bandana with the American flag, black shorts an a gray shirt approach the offices and toss a rock through the window of their door. Then he places inside what appears to be the incendiary device and runs away.

Video from inside the offices show what appears to be a commercial smoke bomb also go off inside.

The incident caused only minor damage to the building and no one was inside at the time. Investigators say the Molotov cocktail did not actually ignite, and if it had it would have caused much more damage to the offices.

The video also shows an employee from a nearby business helping to put out the growing flames with a fire extinguisher before police arrive.

Police say the man also left a threatening note but did not say what it said.

"This is an act of terror. When you leave a threatening note, the intent is to terrorize people. We are Texas Democrats, and we are unafraid," claimed Katie Naranjo, the chair of the Travis County Democratic Party, at a media briefing later that day.

Authorities said that vandalism was committed on the same night at the Travis County Ned Granger Administration Building about a half hour before the attack on Democratic offices.

Austin police did not say what charges the man might face, but did say that they would likely be felony charges. They are asking for the public's help to identify the suspect in the attack.

"The Democratic Party believes in free speech," Naranjo claimed, "believes in your right to vote, and we will not be intimidated by any individual who takes such a cowardly act as to attack a democratic institution. Our political parties are a part of our democracy."

Here's the security footage of the attack on Democratic offices:

Austin police looking for arson suspect after Democratic office vandalized | KVUE

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