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Australian premier warns unvaccinated subjects: Your lives 'will be very difficult indefinitely'

Photo by Bianca De Marchi - Pool/Getty Images

Sydney residents have likely become accustomed to threats from their governing betters.

Over the last weeks and months the world has seen videos of police violently enforcing Australian COVID-19 protocols. And anyone reading the news has been made aware of the edicts from Down Under authorities telling their subjects to stay home, get vaxxed, wear a mask at all times, don't go outside for more than an hour, and don't go near or talk to anyone.

Just days ago, the government leaders of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, warned their people that the unvaccinated "will lose their freedoms" in October. A warning that came just a month after the government announced that it was giving vaccinated citizens a "reward" of one extra hour outside their homes for recreation time.

Now, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the top official in the state, is telling residents who don't get jabbed that they risk being barred from social activities even after restrictions are lifted for them, Reuters reported this week.

What did they say?

NSW, which has implemented onerous "zero COVID" policies like much of Australia, said Monday that under its roadmap to exiting the lockdown, restaurants, bars, and gyms will be able to reopen to vaccinated people on Oct. 11, when 70% of the population is expected to be fully vaccinated.

Further restrictions will be lifted once 80% of the people of NSW are vaxxed, which officials believe will happen at the end of the month.

Restrictions for unvaccinated folks are supposed to end Dec. 1.

But Premier Berejiklian warned Tuesday that unvaxxed people risk being barred from social activities even after the restrictions are lifted, Reuters said.

According to Berejiklian, shops, eateries, and other entertainment spots just might not want to serve the unvaccinated — and that unpleasantness for the unjabbed could go on "indefinitely," she warned.

"A lot of businesses have said, 'We won't welcome anyone that's unvaccinated," Berejiklian told "Sunrise" on Tuesday. "I want to be very clear — life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely."

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