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Best man ends up with bride after gushing wedding speech professing love for his best friend's wife

Image source: Getty Images/Gregory Adams/Contributor

Bride Desiree White was clearly moved by the wedding speech of her ex-husband's best man — so much so that when she divorced her former husband, she moved on with with the outspoken best man.

The New York Post recounted on Tuesday White's story.

What are the details?

The couple made headlines after White divorced her husband and married his best man, Bryant.

During his best man speech at White's first wedding, Bryant drunkenly confessed that he was in love with her in front of at least 200 other wedding guests.

“He said, ‘I remember the first moment I saw Desiree, I loved her. I fell in love with her. I knew she had to be mine. I thought she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life,’” White recalled of Bryant's toast. “He said, ‘She’s the best person I’ve ever met. I’ve never met anyone like her. Then I found out she already had a boyfriend and I thought I needed to find out a way to get her, but then I met [White’s ex-husband] and we became friends.’”

Bryant concluded the emotional speech, “[Bryant] then just said, ‘Love you both — congratulations.’ It ended there. Everyone was kind of laughing — and then it got quiet.”

Later that night, White danced with Bryant during the reception, where he told her that he would have taken care of her had he the chance growing up.

“I asked him what he meant and he said, ‘Nothing. I love you, I love [White’s ex-husband],’” she recalled him saying. “Then he got quiet.”

White said that she didn't give Bryant's announcement much thought for at least a year — until she began growing apart from her then-husband.

“When [my ex and I] broke up and divorced, I went through a depression and was really secluded myself," she admitted. "I just didn’t want to make an effort for anything.”

Bryant, however, apparently saw his chance and helped her out of her dark place following the divorce.

“He’d ask me to eat with him or hang out and watch a show. He was trying to be there for me. ... It was out of nowhere. When he kissed me, I didn’t stop it, then I kissed him back,” she recalled. “I was shocked that it was a good kiss. It felt good and natural.”

White said that she immediately took to Bryant as naturally as a fish takes to water. She soon became pregnant with their first child, and the two got married.

“[Bryant] said, ‘I always wanted to marry you and this isn’t because of the baby, but let’s start this family right,’” White said. “We were always friends but when we were together [romantically], it was like nothing was hard to do anymore knowing we had each other.”

The couple's history

White added that she was left mildly embarrassed by Bryant's initial public proclamation of love and rather confused, as the two long shared a comfortable, platonic friendship.

“Bryant and I met each other in class at high school,” White explained. “I had a boyfriend at the time and, because of that, I really wasn’t going to talk to other people. Bryant and my ex-husband became best friends and, because they were guys, they did a lot together. They did everything together.”

White added that she and her ex-husband set Bryant up on a variety of dates, but none of them stuck — and she never once considered him as a potential partner.

“I’ve been on double dates with him and I always tell people I wouldn’t have ever dated the person he was then,” White said, “He had a lot of growing up to do. I didn’t really look at him in that way.”

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