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Bette Midler says Trump should be arrested for attempted murder of Joe Biden over claim from his former staffer

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Liberal Hollywood actress Bette Midler called for former President Donald Trump to be arrested for the attempted murder of President Joe Biden — based on the claim of a former staffer.

The actress was reacting to a report that Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus before acknowledging it publicly, and he reportedly went to a debate with Biden while infected with the virus.

The claim was made in a memoir by Mark Meadows, who worked as the White House chief of staff under Trump.

Midler took to Twitter to excoriate the former president.

"WOW. That rat bastard knew he had Covid on Sept 26, but went on w/his schedule unmasked, exposing everyone at the Barrett ceremony; let’s not even mention his saliva spewing at Biden during the debate! What a pig! He’d sell smallpox infected blankets to soldiers. He’s that guy," she tweeted.

"#DonaldTrump should be arrested for attempted murder. He tried to infect & kill #JoeBiden at the debate; by turning up too late to be tested, knowing full well he was positive; then screeched, sputtered, spit, and foamed at the mouth, hoping to infect Joe," Midler she added.

"He IS the devil," she concluded.

While Midler's tweets received a lot of support with more than 44,000 likes between the pair of them, others immediately criticized her for the alarmist overreaction.

"Call the men in the white coats to come get her," read one tweet.

Midler has been a vocal critic of conservatives. In November, she faced a torrent of backlash for accusing Republicans of holding back progress for the sake of enriching the wealthy.

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