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Following months of Biden-fueled disasters, Americans now trust GOP more on security, economy, and the 'most important problem'
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Following months of Biden-fueled disasters, Americans now trust GOP more on security, economy, and the 'most important problem'

It has been a rough first eight-and-a-half months for President Joe Biden.

  • Inflation continues to rear its ugly head (and experts believe Americans will reallyfeel it come Christmas).
  • The chaotic Afghanistan pullout endangered thousands of Americans and American allies.
  • White House vax mandates and attacks on the unvaccinated have deepened divisions among the citizenry.
  • The surge in COVID cases and deaths over the summer has caused people to question the government's leadership and the advice of the "experts."
  • The U.S. economy continues to struggle to recover since the pandemic forced the record economic successes under Trump to tank in the months leading up to the election.
  • Unemployment continues to be an issue as many people have found it more profitable to take government handouts than to get working jobs.
  • Government spending continues to skyrocket as Congress debates plans to spend nearly $5 trillion more — which will require tax hikes and take more money out of the struggling economy.
  • The immigration disaster at the southern border has seen hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens swarm across the southern U.S. border since President Biden's swearing in. The border disaster threatens American security as immigrants with unknown criminal and/or health backgrounds are routinely released into the country.

The ongoing problems have been even rougher for Americans. And the impact of these issues is showing up in their views on which party they trust.

A Wednesday report from Gallup revealed just how badly the events that have hurt the American public are negatively impacting voters' views of the Democratic Party.

Just a year ago, Americans favored the GOP by a mere four points (50% to 46%) over Democrats when it came to security issues. Now, after all of the Biden White House's missteps, voters favor Republicans by 15 points (54% to 39%). This is the largest GOP-favoring gap on security since 2015.

When it comes to the economy, Democrats again took a hit as the Biden administration struggles. The GOP saw a 3-point bump among Americans who believe it will do a better job keeping the U.S. prosperous, moving from 47% in 2020 to 50% in 2021 — the first time since 1989 that at least half of Americans gave Republicans the edge on the topic. Democrats dropped 7 points over the last year, from 48% to 41%.

And on the "most important problem," the GOP's fortunes have better-than-flipped since last year. From Gallup:

By 41% to 38%, U.S. adults say the Republican Party rather than the Democratic Party can better handle whichever problem they name (in an open-ended question format) as the most important facing the country. Last year, 47% said the Democratic Party and 39% said the Republican Party could better address the most important problem, when the coronavirus pandemic, the government and race relations were most commonly named as that issue.

The top two problems identified by respondents were the pandemic and the government.

Among those who named the pandemic, Democrats held a 29-point advantage (57% to 28%), but those figures are actually down from last year, when the Democratic Party held a 41-point lead (62% to 21%).

Those who named the government as the top problem were more likely to trust the GOP than Biden's party by 41 points (60% to 19%), which is a significant shift from a year ago when Democrats had a 7-point lead (51% to 44%) on the issue.

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