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Report: Biden admin plans to replace almost all Trump-appointed US attorneys. Flashback: Biden threw a fit when George W. Bush replaced 8 of them for political reasons.


Biden said in 2007 that firing US attorneys for 'political reasons' would 'shatter the American people's faith that their laws will be enforced impartially'

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According to a multiple sources, the Biden administration plans to ask as many as 56 Trump-appointed United States attorneys to resign, which would represent almost all of former President Trump's appointees, with the exception of special counsel John Durham, who is leading the investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, and David Weiss, who is overseeing the investigation into Hunter Biden's taxes.

No justification was offered for the wholesale replacement of these attorneys, other than the fact that they were appointed by Donald Trump. Their replacement, then, would clearly serve no purpose other than to ensure that all U.S. attorneys are politically aligned with the president.

There's only one problem: In 2007, then-Sen. Joe Biden found it to be highly improper when then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales allegedly fired a mere eight U.S. attorneys for political reasons — so improper, in fact, that he called for Gonzales to resign.

In an April 2007 interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Biden specifically stated that Gonzales should be forced to resign for allegedly replacing the U.S. attorneys for political reasons, saying that Gonzales had become a "creature of the president, not the attorney for the people as well as representing the president."

Moreover, when explaining why he thought that Gonzales should resign, Biden said, in a statement he had entered into the Congressional Record, that firing U.S. attorneys for "crass political reasons" would "shatter the American people's faith that their laws will be enforced impartially, and with the integrity we expect from our prosecutors."

The incredible stink raised by Democrats — including Biden — over the firings of these eight attorneys even eventually complicated Obama Attorney General Eric Holder's plans to replace a large number of U.S. attorneys at the beginning of Obama's presidency in 2009, forcing him to abandon plans to dismiss a large batch all at once and instead gradually replace them over time.

Of course, even then, Biden's hypocrisy was completely transparent. Biden was considerably less concerned when former President Bill Clinton summarily dismissed 93 of the 94 U.S. attorneys when he assumed office. At the time, Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and did not bother to hold hearings or raise any objections whatsoever to Clinton's decision to pack the U.S. Attorney's Office with his loyalists, even specifically refusing then-Minority Leader Sen. Bob Dole's (R-Kan.) request to hold hearings into the matter.

For Biden, it would appear that the decision to replace U.S. attorneys for political reasons is presumptively proper for Democratic presidents and presumptively improper for Republican ones.

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