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Bill Maher 'should be ashamed' for lampooning leftist sacrament of 'wokeness,' finger-wagging Sunny Hostin says on 'The View'
Image source: Fox News video screenshot (left); YouTube screenshot (right)

Bill Maher 'should be ashamed' for lampooning leftist sacrament of 'wokeness,' finger-wagging Sunny Hostin says on 'The View'

"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin wagged her finger Thursday as she fumed at Bill Maher for lampooning and criticizing "wokeness" — almost as if the "Real Time" host has been irreverently violating a left-wing sacrament.

"The term has been co-opted by the right. The term has been co-opted by the far right, by the alt-right. And the term has even been co-opted by Bill Maher himself," Hostin said about "wokeness." "He is comparing 'woke' with identity politics. He thinks 'woke' means a diversity of opinion. That is not what 'woke' meant in the mid-1900s. It’s not what 'woke' meant during the civil rights movement. It’s not what 'woke' meant during [Black Lives Matter]. It’s not what 'woke' means now. And I think he should be ashamed of some of the things he has said about wokeness. He has called college campuses too woke because they are talking about diversity and social justice and inclusion."

Hostin added that co-opting the term "wokeness" is a way to "take the power away from black people for standing up for what we deserve from this country."

Fox News said the co-hosts of "The View" discussed a clip of Maher being interviewed by CNN's Jake Tapper during which the the wokeness subject came up.

It appeared during the chat with Tapper, however, that Maher knows exactly what woke is and was.

"Democrats sometimes can take it too far. I would categorize ‘liberal’ as different than ‘woke' ... Woke, which started out as a good thing, alert to injustice, who could be against that? But it became sort of an eye roll because [woke people] love diversity — except of ideas," Maher told Tapper. "And that's not really where we should be. I mean, they have a trail of very bad ideas … not building on liberalism but very often undoing it. I mean, five years ago Abraham Lincoln was not a controversial figure among liberals. We liked him. Now they take his name off schools and tear down his statues. Really? Lincoln isn’t good enough for you? Five, 10 years ago, bedrock liberalism was 'we are striving to be a colorblind society where we don't see race.' Of course, we see it, but it doesn't matter ... [now] we see it all the time. It's always the most important thing."

Maher added that liberals, for example, used to want to end homelessness, but woke practitioners now say, "How dare you try to move the homeless? This is where they live."

Bill Maher on wokeness and why having an older president isn’t a bad thingyoutu.be

By the way, Maher's take with Tapper was rather tame compared to numerous other times when Maher took down woke ideology during the "New Rules" segment on "Real Time."

Here are a pair of recent examples. (Content warning: Language):

New Rule: A Woke Revolution | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)youtu.be

New Rule: A Unified Theory of Wokeness | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)youtu.be

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