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Black conservative student leader kicked out of college meeting — for wearing blackface
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Black conservative student leader kicked out of college meeting — for wearing blackface

Koby Peters attended the pre-Halloween meeting as Justin Trudeau in blackface to point out left-wing hypocrisy

Far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got outed for wearing blackface as part of a costume years ago — and the media covered for him, calling it "dark makeup."

What's more, former U.S. President Barack Obama still endorsed him — and to top it off, a left-wing politician said black people in Canada actually like Trudeau better because he wanted to have a black face.

And lo and behold, Trudeau got re-elected last month despite the controversy.

Talk about turning the tables

Given Trudeau's treatment north of the border, a black conservative student leader at Colorado State University decided to try an experiment.

Koby Peters told Campus Reform that CSU's College of Engineering — for which he is a student government member — scheduled a meeting the day before Halloween and that attendees could go in costume.

So Peters went as Trudeau wearing blackface — and the room was appalled.

Peters added to the outlet that students from several races came against him during the meeting, including an Hispanic student who made a motion for his removal, along with black students and white students who voted the motion through.

"I was hoping there would be a lot of discussion because I chose this costume to bring out the hypocrisy that ... Canada's re-elected Justin Trudeau on the back of the endorsement of Barack Obama, so we really need to figure out whether blackface is OK, or it's not OK, and the fact that I was voted out immediately just shows how hypocritical a certain side of the ideology is," he told Campus Reform.

He added to the outlet that he was punished "because I'm a black conservative on campus, which aren't supposed to exist."

Peters also told Campus Reform that he's used to this kind of treatment and also has been called a Nazi, a Ku Klux Klan member, and a race-traitor.

Now what?

He added to the outlet that another meeting is scheduled Tuesday to determine if he can keep his leadership position, despite the irony that he's in trouble for wearing blackface as a black man, and that a white man like Trudeau got re-elected to office despite wearing blackface.

"As you can see, I cannot take off my blackface, so adding on another shade, in my opinion, doesn't change anything," Peters told Campus Reform.

Oh, it gets better

And believe it or not, CSU's chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers sent an email to its members calling Peters' actions "another recent issue with disrespect towards people of color," Campus Reform reported, adding that the email didn't point out Peters' race.

Peters told Campus Reform that the NSBE will "support any black left-leaning person, as long as they follow status quo of what a black person is supposed to be on campus, but as soon as one strays ideologically against the grain, then I am attacked and face a lot of backlash."

Also, CSU College of Engineering Dean David McLean emailed engineering students to address "another incident of hate and bias" without mentioning Peters' race, the outlet said — although the message did give kudos to the senators who kicked him out of the meeting.

"This is example to us all on how we must remain steadfast in our commitment to immediately speak out against incidents of hate, bias and racism," McLean wrote, according to Campus Reform. "As a community, we in the College of Engineering abhor racism and bias, and we unequivocally condemn blackface. There is no place for hate in our college or at the university. This behavior does not reflect our values and our Principles of Community of Inclusion, Integrity, Respect, Service and Social Justice."

"Acts of bias and racism, whether committed in ignorance or with malice, are harmful, degrading, and have long-lasting impacts. These acts are against our values, and we must continue to call out and condemn such acts," McLean added, the outlet said. "We must foster a sense of belonging in our college and continue to speak out against instances of hate, aggression and bias."

Neither McLean nor the president of CSU's National Society of Black Engineers immediately replied Tuesday to TheBlaze's requests for comment, which asked if it makes a difference that Peters is a black man wearing blackface — or is wearing blackface wrong no matter the race of the person wearing it.

Black conservative removed from meeting over Justin Trudeau blackface costume speaks outyoutu.be

Anything else?

This isn't the first sociopolitical controversy coming out of Colorado State University of late:

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