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VIDEO: 'Devastated' black mother cries because she can't feed her kids after looters ransacked a local grocery store


'I am so devastated right now'

Image Source: Twitter screenshot

A video of a "devastated" black mother crying because she won't be able to feed her kids after looters ransacked a local grocery store is going viral on the internet.

In the video, the woman walks the aisles of the store documenting the destruction. Nearly every shelf in the store is cleared of food and supplies, and the floor is littered with damaged goods.

"Look at this, every grocery store looks like this," the woman says. "Everything is ... on the floor. Look at this ... in my hood, can't even get no food for my kids."

It's not clear from the video which city the store is located in.

"But this is what we're fighting for; this is honoring George Floyd," the woman says sarcastically. "People who already couldn't feed their kids, now they really can't feed their kids."

"I am so devastated right now," she added, bursting into tears.

The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh shared the video Monday with the caption: "To all of you tolerant liberals who displayed your wokeness by justifying rioting while sitting on your fat comfortable asses totally insulated from the damage, this is what you supported. This is on you. Congratulations you despicable monsters."

Looters and rioters have taken advantage of protests over George Floyd's death since the start of the uproar late last month by burning buildings, breaking windows, and ransacking stores. Officials in many cities across the country have been slow to respond with force to such behavior, perhaps out of fear that they will be criticized for injuring the Black Lives Matter movement.

But, as this video demonstrates, the ones ultimately being harmed by a failure to stop the looting and rioting are the law-abiding citizens who are left to fend for themselves in destroyed neighborhoods.

"This is not OK, for us to have to live like this," the woman says through tears. "We do stupid s**t like this all the time and we so 'black proud,' we so 'black and proud' that we ain't never gonna be honest and be real about what's really going on."

"Y'all are so wrong for this," she said directly to the looters who destroyed the store. "You came in your neighborhood and f***ed up your s**t."

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