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WATCH: Brad Pitt showed up at Kanye West's latest Christian Sunday Service in Los Angeles


Pitt is just the latest celebrity to make an appearance at one of these events

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A-list actor Brad Pitt made an appearance at the latest iteration of Kanye' West's Sunday Services.

What are these Sunday Services?

Since January, West has hosted a series of Sunday Service events, featuring Christian music and gospel versions of his own songs. A church theme is on brand for West lately, who also has an upcoming album that will reportedly have a Christian theme.

Last month, West held one of his Sunday Services as a memorial for the nine people who died in the Aug. 4 massacre in Dayton, Ohio.

On Sunday, West hosted a Sunday Service in a church parking lot in Los Angeles.

What happened?

On Sunday, West's wife, Kim Kardashian West, posted a video that showed her husband talking to Pitt. What was said is not known, but Pitt slapped West on the back before walking away.

"Kanye West and Brad Pitt," she confirmed in the brief caption. The video was taken by instagram user @dcapofficial

TMZ reported that Pitt blended in with the crowd and that his appearance had not been planned beforehand. According to an unidentified source who spoke with "Entertainment Tonight," Pitt was "just amazed by the atmosphere and love" at the event.

Pitt is only the latest in a string of celebrities to show up for these Sunday Service concerts, which have been attended by Katy Perry, Orlando Blood, and Dave Chappelle. At least three of Kim's siblings (Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall) attended this particular Sunday Service.

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