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Video: Chicago father robbed at gunpoint on front porch in broad daylight with children near, police say same armed bandits may have pulled off 48 similar heists

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Crime in Chicago continues to leave locals on edge as criminals continue to pull off brazen robberies. A Chicago father was robbed at gunpoint on the front porch of his home in broad daylight with his children near the scary situation. Police suspect the same armed bandits may have pulled off nearly 50 similar heists in recent weeks.

The audacious armed robbery occurred in Chicago's Hermosa neighborhood — a predominantly Hispanic community.

Victor Galena Sr. was on his way to work around 6 a.m. on Friday. However, Galena didn't make it off his front porch before being robbed at gunpoint by several men wearing black ski masks.

Three men were robbed during the harrowing ordeal.

Victor Galena Jr. told WBBM-TV of his father being robbed, "The first guy that was standing closer to the truck – he got the guns pulled out to him, and from there, that's when they started pointing a gun at my dad, and the other guy who was up here on those stairs."

The father put aside his own safety and was more concerned about his family still asleep inside the house – his wife, five children, sister, and nephews. Galena Sr. stood in the doorway to stop the thieves from entering his home.

"In case they try to force their way in there, then he was going to fight back,” the son said.

Galena Jr. said of his dad, "He says he doesn't feel like a hero. It was just mostly like a father's instinct that kicked in."

The group of armed thugs stole money that Galena Sr. and his two companions planned to spend on construction tools that day, according to the New York Post.

The crew of thieves fled the crime scene. The Chicago Police Department said the same group robbed at least 10 other victims. Police suspect that the criminal squad could be behind 48 armed robberies and carjackings around Chicago's West and Northwest sides since April 22.

The police said the posse targets residents leaving for or arriving at their jobs in the early morning hours.

The Chicago Police described the suspects in a community alert, "Three to four African American male subjects, ranging from 17-21 years of age, wearing black ski masks, dark clothing, and blue gloves."

Law enforcement said the suspects were driving a stolen vehicle.

Police had yet to arrest anyone connected to the armed robberies.

Chicago was besieged by a rash of violent crimes last weekend. There were more than 50 people shot and over 10 killed in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend gun violence, despite city and state leaders touting "peacekeepers" patrolling the streets.

According to CPD statistics, robberies are up 16%, theft increased 17%, and motor vehicle thefts skyrocketed 133% in the past year.

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