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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot dresses up as 'Rona Destroyer' to lay out Halloween guidelines


Trick-or-treating is allowed, but there are restrictions

Image source: YouTube video screenshot

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) donned a superhero costume during a Halloween-themed news conference on Thursday, dressing up as the "Rona Destroyer" to roll out the city's COVID-19 restrictions for the popular holiday.

What are the details?

Before speaking, Lightfoot stood before the lectern with fellow coronavirus-fighting fictional superhero Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady, and the two flexed their muscles to pose before the cameras while carrying pails full of candy. The mayor wore a cape that read "Rona Destroyer" as she handed out goodies to members of the press pool.

The mayor announced that trick-or-treating would be allowed but that people "are asked to stay on the move in groups of six people or fewer, avoid sticking their hand into candy bowls and wait until they get home and wash their hands to eat candy," the Chicago Tribune reported.

Participants are also required to wear masks, and folks handing out candy are encouraged to provide hand sanitizer and practice social distancing rules. House parties of any size and haunted houses are prohibited.

A few weeks ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance to the American public that trick-or-treating is deemed a "high risk" activity, warning against the practice for 2020. But Lightfoot argued that asking kids to stay home on Halloween is not realistic.

"This year more than ever it is important to celebrate Halloween safely and responsibly," she said.

Anything else?

Lightfoot was hit with some jabs on social media for her costume, with one Twitter user calling the pre-briefing escapades "literally the cringiest thing I've ever seen," and a local radio show's account tweeted the message, "These are not serious people. This is embarrassing. They are clueless. Enough already."

Chicago columnist John Kass hit out at Lightfoot's priorities, writing in reaction to the display, "Chicago murders up 50 percent this month. Who on her staff told @chicagosmayor that this was a good idea?"

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