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Former NFL star Larry Johnson posts bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter with zero repercussions
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Former NFL star Larry Johnson posts bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter with zero repercussions

The comments mirrored those from Nick Cannon's rant

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson posted a bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory rant on Twitter and has apparently faced zero repercussions over it.

Johnson was criticizing ESPN sports commentator Max Kellerman for knocking down anti-Semitic conspiracy theories claiming Jews controlled the media and other industries.

The former NFL star implied that a "Jewish cabal" participated in human trafficking, sex trafficking, pedophilia, ritualistic child torture, perversion, human sacrifice and murder.

Kellerman, who is also Jewish, demanded that Philadelphia Eagles player DeSean Jackson explain how he spread anti-Semitic messages even after he apologized for what he posted.

"Jews do not have a plan for world domination. I have no plan for world domination. And there's no secret cabal with some plan for world domination," Kellerman said in July.

"You couldn't uplift African Americans without singling out Jews falsely for having some kind of conspiracy to keep Black people down?" Kellerman asked.

'Babylonian occult practitioners of pagan idolatry'

Johnson went on to make the claim that African-Americans were in the true lineage of the Israelites and that the Jews were not.

"Before the 'Abrahamic 'religion,' which is stupid in itself because Israelites (Shemites) aren't a religion. The Nephilim tainted line of HAM were the first Babylonian occult practitioners of pagan idolatry. AA's you are not Hamites, you're more Shemitic," he explained helpfully.

Television show host Nick Cannon made similar claims in his own anti-Semitic rant on his YouTube show. He later apologized for the comments.

"Adrenochrome, Pizzagate...Qanon"

Johnson also appeared to defend other conspiracy theories that have gained popularity on social media platforms.

"Just like clockwork, Anything involving Hollywood, Adrenochrome, Pizzagate, its a Right Wing, QAnon, conspiracy... This is their way of saying 'White People Crazy,'" tweeted Johnson.

"Instead of debating the proof, they label it a conspiracy and anti-Semitic," said Johnson. "It's TIRED."

Many excoriated Johnson for the bizarre conspiracy theory, including CNN's Jake Tapper who tweeted, "Larry Johnson continuing to spread his anti-Semitic garbage. What a disgrace."

Johnson previously posted a rant in August complaining about an "effeminate agenda" in the NBA and NFL that he said had to do with the "buying power of the LGBTQ community."

Non-response from Twitter

TheBlaze requested a comment from Twitter but the social media company did not respond to the request.

The former running back had numerous arrests for domestic violence when he played on the Chiefs' team. In an 2017 interview, Johnson said he was battling with headaches, memory loss, and believed that his violent outbursts could be due to CTE, a devastating brain injury found in some NFL players.

Here's more about Johnson's past:

Former NFL RB Larry Johnson: I Believe I Have CTE | SI Wire | Sports Illustratedwww.youtube.com

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