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CNN's Chris Cuomo dares Twitter user to name just one time he's denied facts he doesn't like — then the replies come rolling in

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After the tongue lashing President Joe Biden gave CNN's Kaitlan Collins for her Vladimir Putin question earlier this week — for which Biden later apologized — far-left actress Rosanna Arquette was in no mood to make nice with the media.

Instead, she tweeted that the president was "right to lose his patience with a journalist or any journalist who tries to twist his words. Calling that crap out is the way forward. Enough bulls**t. The truth and nothing but the truth."

With that CNN's Chris Cuomo replied to Arquette that the "problem is truth is now at the mercy of what people want to be true. If you don't like it...it isn't the truth."

That apparently was too much to take for another Twitter user, who promptly called out Cuomo: "The story of your life, you constantly deny facts you don't like."

Uh oh.

Given the CNN host once threatened a guy in public who referred to him as Fredo, the weak brother in "The Godfather," Cuomo shot back and challenged his Twitter adversary to "name one" example:

It's on!

As you might guess, Twitter went a little nuts after Cuomo threw down — and his tweet has been getting ratioed ever since, showing about 2,500 replies to just 741 likes as of Friday afternoon.

And what did some of those replies contain? Well, a decent number answered Cuomo's dare to name just one example of him denying facts he doesn't like.

Commentary writer Drew Holden offered a few examples:

The Daily Caller chimed in, too:

This guy put a humorous spin on his contribution:


Another user offered a doozy of a reply: "Not enough Twitter space for your idiocy. Michael Avenatti BS; Covington kids lies; Brett Kavanaugh distortion; Russia Collusion over and over; Your Covid deception, etc. When people look for the 'Great Deceiver' on CNN they will say…'I knew it was you, Fredo. I knew it was you!'"

Here's more on the matter from Sky News:

Twitter roasts CNN's Chris Cuomo after he dares them to show examples of him denying facts youtu.be

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