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CNN chief international correspondent stops during live shot, captures viral moment desperate Ukrainians kneel in prayer amid Russian invasion

Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images

Clarissa Ward, CNN's chief international correspondent, witnessed a moving demonstration of faith on live television Thursday morning as a group of Ukrainians kneeled on the ground in prayer as Russia continued its invasion into the war-torn country.

What are the details?

Talking with CNN anchor Don Lemon, Ward — who was on the ground in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Thursday morning — witnessed the group of people praying on what appeared to be a public street amid the danger.

“I think this ... really speaks to the sort of desperation of this moment,” Ward said of the group's faithfulness. “We just see a small group of people ... have gathered in the main square, and they are kneeling and praying because right now there is clearly a sense of having no idea what is coming down the pipeline, what is in store.”

Video footage showed the group of people as Ward pointed out that the scene — though dire and desperate — was "very moving."

“It’s freezing cold here, so to see these people kneeling on the cold stone in prayer is honestly very moving,” she continued. “And I think it speaks to the state of ordinary Ukrainians here who have done absolutely nothing to deserve this.”

Ward added that Ukrainians have every reason to fall to their knees as Russia continued its deadly advance into the country, ushering in violence and uncertainty in the hours and days ahead.

“I think that’s why you’re seeing those people ... getting to their knees and praying,” she said.

CNN reporter Natasha Bertrand shared the segment on social media, tweeting, "What a moment captured by @clarissaward and her team in Kharkiv. 'A small group of people have gathered in the main square and they are kneeling and praying,' Clarissa says. 'Because right now there is truly a sense of having no idea what is coming down the pipeline.'"

At the time of this reporting the clip below has been viewed more than 812,000 times.

(H/T: Faithwire)

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