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'The View' co-host takes a stand against 'dangerous,' 'disheartening' cancel culture — and it wasn't Meghan McCain

'The View' co-host Sara Haines (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A co-host of "The View" besides Meghan McCain actually took a strong stand against the leftist blight of cancel culture.

What did she say?

One of the subjects of Monday's episode was last week's announcement that Winston Marshall, co-founder of alt-folk outfit Mumford & Sons, quit the group so he be could be free to speak his mind politically without putting the band's popularity in jeopardy.

Co-host Joy Behar put the question to the other co-hosts: Was this the right move for Marshall to make?

Fellow co-host Sara Haines was first up and decried the fact that cancel culture has brought us to this point as a society.

Speaking about a tweet from Marshall — the banjo player gave kudos to journalist Andy Ngo in regard to the conservative author's controversial book about Antifa and called him a "brave man" — Haines said the post was "so benign."

She also appeared to be reading from Marshall's essay on Medium in which he explained his departure from Mumford & Sons and the criticism he received leading up to it: "Being labeled erroneously just goes to show how binary political discourse has become. I had criticized the 'Left', so I must be on the 'Right' ..."

Haines then ripped into cancel culture:

"I just think this is such a dangerous time when you say one thing — 'you're a brave man' — and now you must endorse his entire book, everything he believes, his family, everything he said. Like, we cannot even pose for pictures, act civilly toward one another. We talk about the divide in this country, the problem with racism, the lack of empathy — we're not gonna get closer to each other if we continue to wield this and weaponize it. It was really sad to see that this is where it had to go. This guy didn't the write the book; he tweeted about the book! And now are we gonna decide that anyone that poses for a picture with Winston Marshall from Mumford & Sons should also not be followed or anything else? Like, where does it end? I think it's very disheartening."

As for McCain, she noted that she respects Marshall for giving up his fame and income so that he can have "intellectual and political integrity."

Here's the clip:

Mumford & Sons Member Exits Band | The View youtu.be

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