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Conservative professor says he was suspended for handing out gendered chocolates where the 'She/Her' bars were nutless
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Conservative professor says he was suspended for handing out gendered chocolates where the 'She/Her' bars were nutless

A conservative history professor at a California community college claims he's been suspended for running afoul of woke dogmas on campus.

David Richardson has been a history professor with the State Center Community College District for 26 years. Beforehand, he racked up another six years of experience in the district working as an instructor.

Despite his investment of time inside the district, Madera Community College decided not to cut Richardson slack over some sweet, reality-affirming humor.

Already in hot water with the SCCCD over his choice of provocative pronouns at an LGBT re-education seminar hosted by a transvestite, Richardson got his hands on a case of Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing's parodic "SheHer" and "HeHim" chocolate bars.

The female-designated chocolate bars were all chocolate whereas the male-designated chocolates contained nuts.

TheBlaze previously reported that Boreing advertised his gender-specific chocolates after Hershey's Canada featured transvestite Fae Johnstone as the face of its International Women's Day campaign called #HERforShe.

Fine. I'll do it. Introducing Jeremy's Chocolate.youtu.be

Richardson told Just the News that he wasn't sure what to do with the parodic "goodies," so he brought them to share at a campus open house on April 29, where he evidently broke thin skin.

A staff member allegedly tried to engage Richardson in a confrontation over the binary chocolates, but he elected not to "make a scene."

Despite the dispute resolving without further incident, on Monday, a uniformed school police officer surprised Richardson with a knock on the door.

According to Just the News, the gay history professor was informed he had been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations of creating a "hostile work environment" and discriminating against colleagues on the basis of gender.

Accordingly, Richardson was barred from "non-public" areas of the district, prohibited from using his Madera email, and cautioned against taking "any action which could be construed as retaliation against anyone."

While Richardson enjoyed decades of camaraderie and good will in the district, he indicated that his resistance to the trans agenda has changed everything.

"I feel as if they've been sort of looking for a reason to get rid of me because I don't share the current opinion on neo pronouns and that kind of stuff," he told Fox News Digital. "Everything we do now is geared towards this ideology and diversity of viewpoint is being eliminated."

Richardson underscored that there is a chilling effect on free speech and that while others may agree with him, they are too cowardly to stick their necks out.

"People are afraid. Well, especially when they see what happens to people like me. They're afraid to just speak up," said the history professor. "We're basically being forced to take loyalty oaths. It was sort of like the second 'Red Scare' back in the late ‘40s, early ’50s, that if we cannot demonstrate our full commitment to the ideology, we will be purged. And I think I may find myself in that situation sooner rather than later, investigated for, 'creating a hostile work environment based on gender.'"

Unlike his colleagues, Richardson has clearly not been cowed.

Richardson reportedly signaled his noncompliance during a mandatory LGBT re-education seminar on "pronoun etiquette" in October 2021, which was helmed by transvestic chemistry professor Jamie MacArthur.

Those enrolled in the seminar were to indicate their name and so-called gender identity in a "small thumbnail."

According to Richardson's lawsuit against the district, he had indicated his pronouns were "Do, Re, Mi" in protest — to show that mandating an "irrational perception of reality ... would frustrate communication for ideological reasons."

The suit notes that "Richardson philosophically and intellectually disputes that any person can change empirical, ontological, or objective reality by a process of 'identification.' For example, he believes that a person will not grow an inch by identifying himself as 'taller.'"

MacArthur did not approve of Richardson's preferred pronouns or intellectual clarity, calling it "extremely offensive" to transvestites.

The history prof. was reprimanded, ordered to stop using pronouns mockingly, and reportedly compelled to complete six-hours of DEI re-education before writing a letter detailing how he might "create a more inclusive environment that does not center on homophobia or transphobia."

Following this incident, Richardson sued the district. He has indicated that his lawyer will file an amended complaint on his behalf that incorporates the chocolate bar-related investigation.

Richardson told Fox News Digital, "I never dreamed that expressing a different opinion could bring me to this point in my career."

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