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Crook hops over counter to steal cash from clerk ​— but co-workers aren't having it, and they pummel crook repeatedly until he runs away


Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

A would-be robber got quite a bit more than he could handle Saturday when he entered a convenience store in the Bronx and demanded money, according to New York City police.

What are the details?

Surveillance video caught the moment when the suspect reached across the counter, and the clerk reacted by grabbing the crook's arm.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

The suspect then lunged forward with his left hand and appeared to try to grab the clerk.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

With that, the crook climbed atop the counter, casually walked to the edge, and jumped down to other side to finish off getting what he reportedly came for.

But two of the clerk's co-workers weren't about to let him get away with his caper — and made him pay in the process.

Surveillance video shows one co-worker dressed in white appearing to land at least seven punches upon the would-be robber:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

A second co-worker dressed in green landed a blow as well — to suspect's head — and wrestled him to the floor.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

Police said the suspect fled the store.

The video is blurred to hide the faces of the store's employees — but police got a pretty good image of the suspect who's wanted for attempted robbery.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @NYPDTips

They're asking for help in identifying him — for as much as a $3,500 reward.

How did folks react?

Twitter commenters were pretty much united in their praise for the store employees who decided to fight back against crime — and decidedly supportive of the treatment the suspect received:

  • "Can we please reward the people who took care of this bag of slime rather than punishing them, too?" one user asked.
  • "If this guy ends up in the hospital maybe he'll think twice next time he tries to go rob a store. Get a job u loser," another commenter said. "Sad part is the left will tell us he's stealing to put food on the table for his family."
  • "If the government won't enforce the law, looks like we the American people are going to have to do so," another user observed. "Otherwise, our country will slip into utter chaos."
  • "It is about time someone is brave enough to stand up to these thugs..." another commenter declared.
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