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Dad makes headlines with letter to HOA ‘Karen’ who forced him to tear down his kids’ treehouse: ‘Don’t worry, you’re safe now!’

Photo by Kurita KAKU/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

A father named Dave is making headlines after leaving a scathing note to an unidentified person who reportedly made complaints to their homeowner's association about his son's newly built treehouse.

As a result of the complaint, the man said that he was forced to tear down the treehouse that he built together with his sons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the details?

Dave's widely viewed message appeared on Reddit, where he accused the unnamed complainant of killing his kids' fun. The photo ended up going viral on the r/F***YouKaren and r/Facepalm subreddits.

The man's note — sleeved in plastic and pinned up on a tree in an area presumed to be the man's back yard – revealed that he was forced to tear down the custom treehouse, which he built with his family during the pandemic, in response to the complaint.

The letter read, "Dear anonymous passerby, Don't worry, you're safe now! Your act of casual cruelty was successful."

The act of "casual cruelty," according to the letter, came in the form of a complaint to the HOA, which in turn demanded the man tear down the treehouse he and his sons crafted together as a family.

"The complaint you lodged with the HOA was heard," the letter continued. "They had me take down the small treefort that I built on this location with my sons during the pandemic."

The letter added, "No longer will its presence offend your walk past my house. Please enjoy your stroll free from the sound of my children's play and laughter. They are safely back inside now, watching television I'm sure. Enjoy the unobstructed view of my backyard. I will try to keep it up to code."

"Best," the letter concluded, "Dave."

No further information was immediately available about "Dave," his sons, or any subsequent developments in the incident.

(H/T: Indy100)

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