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'Wonder Years' star Danica McKellar reveals how reading the Bible allowed her to get to 'know God better' and the power of forgiveness
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'Wonder Years' star Danica McKellar reveals how reading the Bible allowed her to get to 'know God better' and the power of forgiveness

"Wonder Years" star Danica McKellar revealed that she got to "know God better" by devoting herself to reading the Bible no matter what her hectic schedule threw her way. She also said her faith helped her realize the power of forgiveness.

McKellar recently finished reading the Bible from cover to cover in a year.

"It’s just, doing something regularly that’s always a challenge, right? Because you get busy. And my life doesn’t have a regular schedule to it, doing movies and then not doing movies, but I found that if I did just two sessions a day for a little while, I could catch up, like after shooting a movie. That’s the most challenging," McKellar told Fox News at the 31st annual Movieguide Awards.

McKellar noted that the advantages of reading the Bible far surpass any challenges of finding the time to devote herself to her faith.

"The most rewarding is just getting to know God better and understanding some of the patterns and going, 'Oh, this theme of ego versus humility' is like really strong through the whole story. Maybe we should pay attention to that," McKellar explained.

McKellar said she isn't done with her Bible reading and is on "round two right now."

McKellar pointed out that the power of forgiveness is something that is "beautiful."

"Obviously, this is a big, big deal, and we need to pay attention because forgiving other people who have trespassed against us is one of the most challenging things that a human can do and yet that is our task," she said. "So, just seeing all that through the Bible again and again was just beautiful."

McKellar said seeing the theme of forgiveness "through the Bible again and again was just beautiful."

"Joseph forgiving his brothers, for example, in Genesis, I mean, incredible, and such a wonderful model for us all," the 49-year-old actress added.

McKellar told Great American Family earlier this month, "I was thinking, what do we all want? What are we all chasing? What do most people chase? Money, power, recognition, and why? Why do we want these things? We want them because of the feelings they give us."

"Power and money, they give us a feeling of security. Of course, the thing is, when those things waver, then you don’t have that security. You feel insecure," McKellar stated. "If you have money and you’re afraid of losing it, then you don’t have that happy, warm feeling that you’re supposed to get from money. Same with power. If you're in a position of power, you know, if you lost that job, suddenly, you lost that feeling that comes with it."

"And recognition? Why do we want recognition? To feel accepted, to find recognition, but if that recognition goes up and down, then so do these feelings of validation and value and recognition. So there are things and feelings that we chase to get these feelings, but my revelation is that these exact feelings, all those things, that is what we get from God’s love. Those are gifts for us, the acceptant is for us, the love is for us," she said.

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