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Actor Daniel Dae Kim believes malaria drug touted by Trump was the ‘secret weapon’ that helped him recover from COVID-19


'Yes, this is the drug that the president mentioned the other day'

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Actor Daniel Dae Kim said he believed that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine was the "secret weapon" that aided his recovery from COVID-19.

The "Lost" and "Hawaii 5-0" star posted an update about his experience fighting the coronavirus on his Instagram Sunday, in which he called the drug "crucial" to leaving him "practically back to normal" only days after initially contracting the infectious disease.

"Here's what I consider to be the secret weapon: hydroxychloroquine," Kim said. "This is a common anti-malarial drug that has been used with great success in [South] Korea in their fight against the coronavirus.

"And yes, this is the drug that the president mentioned the other day," he added.

"It is also the drug that Dr. Anthony Fauci [the director of the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases] cautioned us about," Kim was sure to note. "He said that evidence that the drug is promising is anecdotal — and that is correct. It means it wasn't studied and is only based on personal accounts.

"Well, add my name to those personal accounts, because I am feeling better," he said.

Kim was careful to note that he is not a doctor nor a lawyer, but that he was simply sharing his experience with the disease and what he found to be helpful.

The actor said that hydroxychloroquine was just one part of a drug cocktail, or combination of drugs, that his doctor prescribed for him. The cocktail also included the antiviral Tamiflu, the antibiotic azithromycin, commonly known as a Z-pak, and a glycopyrrolate inhaler.

President Trump confirmed during a news conference last week that the Food and Drug Administration was fast-tracking hydroxychloroquine for testing in order to determine its efficacy against COVID-19. Three separate medical studies recently found the drug to be potentially effective treatment for the coronavirus, and perhaps even successful in preventing infections.

Trump has been very optimistic about the potential of the drug, to the distress of some in the mainstream media.

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