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Dave Rubin launches revolutionary new company to stick it to Big Tech and stifle the internet trolls
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Dave Rubin launches revolutionary new company to stick it to Big Tech and stifle the internet trolls

'We need to give power back to the creators'

Political commentator Dave Rubin, host of the popular news talk show, "The Rubin Report," has launched a tech company aimed at solving the litany of problems creators and users alike experience with Big Tech and changing the way we communicate on the internet.

In an announcement on his show Wednesday, Rubin unveiled the company — Locals.com — which he had been working on for the past year.

Locals offers subscription-based communities that are controlled by content creators themselves rather than hosting platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. With Locals, creators are able to own their own content, set their own rules, and build their own network — all without the Big Tech overlords acting as middlemen.

"We need to give power back to the creators," Rubin argued. "Creators need to own their own property … and be able to communicate with their fans."

The Big Tech bust

"We all know something is wrong with Big Tech," Rubin said in a conversation with TheBlaze, citing manipulated algorithms, subjective censorship, de-boosting, and the presence of bots and trolls as just some of the many problems.

More than that, ownership of speech has been taken from the person and given to the hosting platform.

"We've outsourced our ability to communicate with each other," Rubin stated.

Rubin described the current Big Tech system as one in which creators and users are ultimately placed under the authority and control of gigantic hosting companies who can choose to moderate conversation in accord with their preference.

Some believe the answer is for government to get involved in regulating internet communication. Rubin vehemently disagrees, arguing that it is just another top-down approach that would result in more of the same.

"Big Gov is Big Tech," he told TheBlaze. "Do you really want some sort of monolithic monster telling you what you can say or do?"

A bottom-up approach

The real solution is a bottom-up approach, Rubin argues, and that's exactly what Locals.com aims to provide.

Locals would provide creators and their audience a small community with no manipulated algorithm, just an unvarnished live feed. Creators would also have a home for all their content where they can post videos, photos, podcasts, messages, and even sell tickets to events. If they leave Locals, they can take all of their content with them.

Users will be able to subscribe to all the creators they want, creating linked communities with a combined feed.

Rubin, who founded the company with three investors who are fans of his show, says he believes that "small communities are the future of the internet" and that by having subscription-based platforms "99 percent of the evils on the internet" can be eliminated.

"By having a little bit of skin in the game you will build mature communities," he suggests. "We're not asking the government or Big Tech solve our problems."

Instead, creators will have the control.

Announcement: Solving Creators Big Tech Problems With Locals.com | DIRECT MESSAGE | Rubin Reportyoutu.be

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