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Conservative actor explains federalism to Hollywood stars trying to 'bully' Georgia over 'heartbeat' bill


He hits directly on the nose


Conservative actor Dean Cain blasted Hollywood's liberal elites for trying to influence Georgia's state politics with threats.

During Wednesday's "Fox News @ Night," Cain pointed the finger at celebrities threatening to pull film production business out of Georgia over the passage of the state's "heartbeat" bill.

The bill — Georgia H.B. 481 — will prohibit the majority of abortions as early as six weeks from conception. Current state law permits abortions up to 20 weeks. Abortions after six weeks would be allowed in certain cases such as incest, physical emergency, rape, or any pregnancies physicians consider "medically futile."

The Georgia House of Representatives approved the abortion bill by a vote of 92 to 78 Friday. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has promised to sign the bill into law.

In a petition, a plethora of leftist celebrities — including actress and activist Alyssa Milano, comedian Amy Schumer, and actor Alec Baldwin — vowed to end filming and studio production out of the state if the bill became law.

So what did Cain say, anyway?

According to Fox News Insider, Cain said that Kemp's decision to sign the bill into law is "100 percent right."

"They have to understand the idea of federalism, states' rights," Cain said. "There's a reason that states have their own rights [and] can make some of their own laws."

"[T]hose voters spoke," he added. "They elected these guys and gals, and that's the bill they came up with."

Cain also blasted the arrogance of Milano and and her Hollywood ilk in attempting to "bully" the state into complying with the demands of their liberal agenda.

"It's not so shocking to see it's coming from Hollywood, but it's dead wrong to do that," Cain added.

You can watch a video report on Cain's comments here.

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