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Jill Stein encourages followers to leave the Democratic Party after Bernie drops out, and Democrats are melting down


'Freaking traitor'

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Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein responded to the end of the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) by telling her followers to exit the Democratic Party, and many Democrats were incensed at the suggestion.

"Bernie Sanders ran a good race. Now it's clearer than ever: establishment Dems' top priority is sabotaging progressives to maintain their own power," Stein tweeted on Wednesday.

"@GreenPartyUS welcomes all who understand that the fight for people, planet & peace must continue," she added, with the hashtag "DemExit."

Stein supported the Sanders campaign, but many Democrats blame her and her supporters for the stunning loss of Hillary Clinton to then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

The furious online response

Many on the left took to Twitter to excoriate her for throwing her support away from the establishment candidate, Joe Biden, after Sanders exited the race.

"You need to be airdropped straight into Moscow. And stay the hell there. Freaking traitor," tweeted feminist Ellen Hopkins.

"Didn't you sabotage the last election allowing Trump to win? Hard to take this comment seriously," responded blogger Tom Coates.

"When the @DrJillStein idiots were willing to lose two Supreme Court seats to Mitch McConnell that's when I knew they were full of s**t and had no intention of overturning Citizens United or anything else. They just wanted to blow things up," replied film blogger Sasha Stone.

"INTO THE SUN may she f**k right off," tweeted author Cherie Priest.

"Jill Stein felt all kinds of wrong, like she was a pawn or something even more nefarious," responded author Raquel Cepeda.

"Jill Stein threatening DemExit is like Tanya Harding threatening to quit figure skating," said one user.

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