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MSNBC host says America is headed toward a Holocaust in unhinged rant


"You look at history, it can happen here"

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

MSNBC host Donny Deutsch ranted against wealthy white people who were looking the other way as "every single playbook" from President Donald Trump was heading to another Holocaust.

Deutsch, who hosts his own show on MNBC on Saturday, was a panel guest on "Deadline: White House" when he made the comments Wednesday.

"Enough is enough, and I want to talk to the white people out there. OK? I want to talk to wealthy, white people, because I've had it. I've had discussions when I've talked to friends, people I know," Deutsch said.

"He's good for the economy, but he's good for the economy, they're all jerks, anyway," he said in a mocking tone.

"We are heading to such a dangerous place, and guess what? You look at history, it can happen here. Maybe it's the Jews next. Oh, oh, I forgot, his daughter is married to a Jew. Who says — and I come from a place, I come from a group of people where it happened to, 6 million of them, and I'm not saying Trump is that person," Deutsch continued.

"But every playbook that's happening, every single playbook, creating the other," he added. "Getting rich people to look the other way. Getting people to not trust the press. Getting the judicial system in your pocket. Getting an entire branch of government, the legislative branch, the Republicans to just march with you. To act above the law. To say that you're going to put your adversaries in jail."

Deutsch also referenced the comments from the president telling four minority female members of Congress to go back to their home countries, despite only one being an immigrant.

His comments didn't appear to be received well by the show's host, Nicole Wallace, who frowned during his rant and immediately swung away from his comments to another guest after he finished.

Deutsch has been known for making extreme and incendiary comments about the president. In 2018, he said that a revolution is needed to stop the "terrifying acts" of a "dictator."

Here's the video from MSNBC:

[H/T: The Free Beacon]

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