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Truck driver who beat powerful Democrat leaves Tucker Carlson in stitches over what he told defeated opponent

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Edward Durr, the truck driver who dethroned one of New Jersey's most powerful Democratic politicians, left Fox News host Tucker Carlson in stitches Thursday after revealing what he told his political opponent.

What is the background?

New Jersey state State President Steve Sweeney (D) initially refused to concede to Durr after the Associated Press declared Durr the winner of their election contest.

But on Wednesday, six days after the AP called the race, Sweeney, the second most-powerful politician in New Jersey behind the governor, finally conceded defeat to Durr. Sweeney attributed his loss to "a red wave," and vowed to continue working in politics.

What are the details?

During an interview with Carlson, Durr revealed what Sweeney told him during a congratulatory call.

"Have you talked to Sweeney since you dethroned him? I mean, how baffled is he?" Carlson asked.

"Yes, yes, we had a phone conversation yesterday after he had given his press conference to the media and he congratulated me and just wished me luck to do well for South Jersey," Durr explained.

Carlson then asked, "So he was a gentleman about it?"

After confirming Sweeney had been a "gentleman," Durr told Carlson that he offered to help Sweeney with anything he needs because he is now Sweeney's representative. The remark caused Carlson to laugh out loud.

"And like I told him, I says (sic), you know, if he ever needed anything just give me a call you know, because I'm his representative now," Durr said.

"That's so great," Carlson responded after belly-laughing.

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Anything else?

Sweeney reportedly claimed last week that he would not concede to Durr because officials had discovered 12,000 ballots after the election. Sweeney's campaign never said who reported the existence of the allegedly missing ballots or why they were "recently found" days after the election.

However, during his concession speech on Wednesday, Sweeney affirmed the fairness of the election.

"All votes have been fairly counted, and I, of course, accept the results," Sweeney said.

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