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European Commission and the International Energy Agency suggest that people cut energy usage by driving slower, adjusting their thermostats, working from home

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The European Commission and the International Energy Agency have suggested that Europeans cut down on energy consumption by adopting practices such as adjusting the thermostat, driving slower on highways, using public transit, working from home, and walking or biking on short trips rather than driving a vehicle.

"Using less energy is a concrete way for Europeans to reduce their bills, cut reliance on Russian fossil fuels, demonstrate solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and support climate action," the report declares. Ukraine has been striving to defend itself amid a brutal invasion as Russia has been wreaking death and destruction, killing many, including civilians.

The energy saving proposal suggests setting the air conditioning on a warmer temperature and lowering the temperature target when heating. It also suggests that drivers reduce their speed in order to increase fuel efficiency.

"The average heating temperature within homes across the European Union is over 22 °C, but many could comfortably accommodate 19 °C or 20 °C. Turning down the thermostat in your home by just 1 °C would save around 7% of the energy you use for heating," the report states. "Setting your air conditioner 1 °C warmer could reduce the amount of electricity used by almost 10% and save you EUR 20 a year."

"Driving too fast is inefficient for the car engine and wastes fuel. The average car in the European Union clocks up around 13 000 kilometres a year. By reducing your average cruising speed on motorways by 10 kilometres an hour, you could cut your household fuel bill by around EUR 60 a year," the proposal states.

Many figures and institutions around the globe promote climate alarmism.

"When it comes to climate change, time really is running out. Earth Day is a reminder that if we pledge to do our part and then follow through on those commitments, we can help preserve and protect our planet for future generations," former U.S. President Barack Obama tweeted on Friday.

BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey of "Relatable," responded by tweeting, "If you believed this, you wouldn’t have a mansion on the beach." Obama has a mansion on Martha's Vineyard, a Massachusetts island.

"On Earth Day, let us recommit to coming together and taking on the existential threat of climate change. We must act now to save the planet," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted on Friday.

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