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Fast-food employee survives being shot in the face after women complain about missing $3 hamburger

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A fast-food employee is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the face following an order dispute, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

What are the details?

Anthony Rodriguez, 26, was working at a Wauwatosa George Webb restaurant in Wisconsin on Jan. 30 when twin sisters reportedly beat him and shot him over a missing hamburger.

Rodriguez was the only server that evening when the late-night attack took place, the outlet reported.

Twin sisters Bryanna and Breanta Johnson — who, authorities said, were "impatient and rude" while waiting for their order — reportedly became enraged when they discovered that a $3 hamburger was missing from their order. The offense, police said, prompted one of the sisters to walk outside and return with a pistol. The two then were said to have attacked Rodriguez, punching him in the face and pistol-whipping him while forcing him down to the ground. One of them then reportedly shot the server in the face while he was down on the ground.

The Johnsons and two other girls were then said to flee the scene, leaving Rodriguez bleeding on the ground.

Surveillance footage helped police locate the sisters, and authorities quickly took the into custody.

Rodriguez, father to a toddler, said that after the attack he only remembers "laying on the ground and just bleeding out."

The attack left Rodriguez with a fractured spine and a portion of the bullet still lodged in his throat.

"I was in so much shock. I don’t really remember being in much pain, but I remember kind of internally freaking out and being very scared and just telling myself, 'Wow, I’m probably gonna die here,'" he recalled. "I never expected to get shot being a server. ... It's amazing I'm able to walk. It's amazing I'm able to speak."

He added that the bullet entered his face through his upper lip, destroyed his upper teeth, and cracked his bottom teeth.

Authorities say that the Johnsons, who are accused of attempted murder and are being held on $100,000 bail, could face up to 65 years in prison in connection with the senseless attack.

Rodriguez told WISN-TV that he hopes the suspects get what's coming to them.

"[I] hope they get the judgment that they deserve because it was brutal what they did," Rodriguez said.

Waiter talks about getting shot in face www.youtube.com

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