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Brooklyn Democrat becomes latest to switch parties over radical, 'un-American' left-wing politics, claims, 'This is just the beginning'

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A former Democratic state assemblyman in Brooklyn, New York, has become the latest to ditch the Democratic Party over its wholehearted embrace of radical progressive policies.

What are the details?

Alec Brook-Krasny, who is eyeing a run as a Republican for his old state assembly seat in the 46th district, told the New York Post that he switched his political affiliation after becoming fed up with his former party's leftward drift.

"I can’t believe everything that’s going on in the Democratic Party, all the calls to ‘defund the police,’ the cancel culture. It goes against my character and my nature," Brook-Krasny said in a recent interview.

"Members of the Democratic Party turned on the police — the people who provide safety and security to our constituents," he added, reportedly referring to the city's recent elimination of cash bail for most offenses.

The new Republican also noted that he is a strong supporter of school choice and charter school expansion. He called the Democratic Party's efforts to limit education options for parents and their children "un-American."

Brook-Krasny hopes to unseat Democratic incumbent Mathylde Frontus in his old district, which after redistricting includes Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Bath Beach, and Dyker Heights.

The district is reportedly one of several in the city and its nearby suburbs that have started to trend more moderate amid the Democratic Party's mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter riots. President Joe Biden's first-year failures haven't done the party any favors, either.

Brook-Krasny told the Post he likely won't be the last to jump ship.

"I think this is just the beginning," he said. "I think we will see a trend. I’ve tried for a long time, but I don’t think I can change the Democratic Party from the inside out, so it’s time to work from the outside."

What else?

The Post reported that Republicans have earned noteworthy victories at the ballot box in recent months. One of those victories was wrested by another former Democratic lawmaker, Inna Vernikov.

Vernikov — a newly elected Republican council member who trounced Democrat Steven Saperstein by 30 points to win in the 48th District in November — said she also switched parties after realizing how bad the Democratic Party's policies were for the city.

"I was a registered Democrat for a brief time because I believed that in order to impact outcomes of elections in NYC, you had to be a Democrat," Vernikov told the Post.

"However, seeing what the Democratic Party has done to our country and our city — the policies resulting in out of control crime, homelessness, a declining economy, and a shift towards socialism, I could no longer remain a Democrat even on paper," she said.

"It is not surprising to see individuals waking up and switching party affiliations," Vernikov added. "We need more Republicans in office."

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