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‘Fox & Friends’ goes after ‘matriarchy’ of liberal celebrities and media who send pro-abortion messages to little girls


'We're not seeing women get happier the more we see feminism implemented"

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"Fox & Friends" said that liberal celebrities and the liberal media — part of a larger pro-abortion "matriarchy" — are up to insidious acts in pointing abortion as a choice to young girls in the U.S. all while stirring the outrage pot.

What are the details?

During Tuesday's episode, Fox News' "Fox & Friends" hosts took aim at an apparent liberal agenda of pushing abortion in an attempt to normalize it in America. Calling it "the matriarchy," the hosts and conservative guests warned of liberals inciting fear and anger to further the agenda and attempt to strike down pro-life bills and laws.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt pointed out that all over media "the message to our little girls is pro-abortion, late-term abortion."

Earhardt noted the outrage over Georgia's new restrictive abortion law, as well as Alabama's latest anti-abortion law.

Referring to the pro-abortion activism coming from liberal celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Earhardt added, "Celebrities and the media [are] ramping up outrage over the so-called extreme restrictions being placed on abortion in several Republican states. But where are all the pro-life voices who agree with the latest moves?"

Show guest and pro-life author Carrie Gress said that feminism was to blame: "If you look at all of our media, it's generally controlled by this group of elite women I have termed 'the matriarchy.' You usually hear them complaining about the patriarchy and they are kind of giving the same message we've heard for the last 50 years, which is fundamentally that our children are really an impediment to our career goals and to our ultimate happiness."

Gress added that feminism is only setting women back further and impeding their happiness.

"The sad reality is we're not seeing women get happier the more we see feminism implemented," she explained. "All the metrics show that women are becoming less happy."

What else?

Gress concluded that the "matriarchy" is standing in the way of science.

She said, "We have so many incredible arguments from science, social sciences, logic and reason why we ought to be pro-life and yet those are not getting out there because of this 'matriarchy' and this control there is on a lot of the news and Hollywood and fashion and pop music and all these kinds of things in the West today."

FOX And Friends 7AM 5/21/19 | Fox News Today May 21/ 2019 www.youtube.com

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