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Fox Host catches multiple illegal border crossings live on air while airing Trump interview


There couldn't be a more impactful backdrop to an interview with Trump about the wall than actual border crossing.

(Image source: Fox News Channel screenshot)

Multiple men, women, and children became unscheduled guests on Fox News, and of Border Patrol, when they attempted to cross the border during host Maria Bartiromo's live broadcast. And not only did the cameras capture the apprehensions, they did so as she was interviewing President Trump about the border.

Bartiromo's show from the border between El Paso and Juarez, Mexico began with pre-recorded footage and an interview with the head of local border enforcement. In that package, she was present for the detaining of a family with very young children as they attempted to enter the United States (video below.)

When Bartiromo returned to her live broadcast, and her recorded phone interview with President Donald Trump, cameras captured people attempting to enter the country illegally.


During that earlier interview with border patrol, Bartiromo and her crew recorded a different border crossing (that makes three during the clips in this article). As it took place, she asked the agents questions about the process, and what would happen to the families and children involved.

Watch that clip here:

For her full interview with El Paso border patrol chief Aaron Hull, click here. For her full interview with President Trump, here.

As settings go, Bartiromo's location on the border could not have been more pertinent or wisely chosen. Nor could it have been any more demonstrative of the difference between discussing things in D.C., and seeing them for yourself.

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