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Google ‘interfered’ 41 times in US elections to help ‘left-wing’ candidates: Watchdog group
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Google ‘interfered’ 41 times in US elections to help ‘left-wing’ candidates: Watchdog group

Over the last 16 years, Google has interfered in American elections 41 times, according to a March report from watchdog group Media Research Center.

MRC Free Speech America researchers recently released a new report titled “41 Times Google Has Interfered in U.S. Elections Since 2008,” which revealed instances when the technology giant allegedly boosted left-leaning candidates and censored opponents.

MRC founder and President Brent Bozell stated, “Google’s massive and deliberate efforts to interfere in U.S. elections for the past 16 years is unacceptable and the biggest threat to American democracy today.”

The watchdog group noted that Google’s “impact has surged dramatically,” claiming the company’s interference has continued to ramp up over the years.

“In every case, Google harmed the candidates — regardless of party — who threatened its left-wing candidate of choice,” the report’s executive summary read. “From the mouths of Google executives, the tech giant let slip what was never meant to be made public: That Google uses its ‘great strength and resources and reach’ to advance its leftist values.”

MRC alleged that Google helped then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) secure a win over then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) in the 2008 primary race by censoring blog writers who supported Clinton. The tech giant propelled Obama to victory again in 2012 against then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R).

“In 2016, Google pushed Clinton, using its algorithm to exclude potentially damaging autofill results while not doing the same for then-candidates Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders,” the report found.

The watchdog group also stated that Google censored former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) by disabling her Ads account. Google denied the claim, saying that its automated system detected unusual spending activity and that the issue was resolved within six hours, the New York Post reported.

MRC accused the tech company of suppressing media stories critical of President Joe Biden and blocking Republican fundraising emails.

Google’s artificial intelligence program, Gemini, reportedly refused to answer Biden’s “biggest weaknesses.”

“In 2022, Google buried most Republican campaign websites for the 12 competitive Senate races (10 of 12 did not make the top 6 search results and 7 did not even make the first page of search results). Also, 61 percent of the stories included on the Google News homepage linked to leftist news media outlets,” the report added.

So far this year, MRC discovered that Google has buried the search results for Biden’s top opponents, including Trump and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

According to the watchdog organization, the tech giant is “making good on its 2016 promise never to let conservatives win again.”

MRC is encouraging House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) to open an investigation into Google based on the report’s findings. The organization claims the company violated the American public’s constitutional rights. The organization also called on citizens to stop using Google products and opt for other alternatives.

Google denies the claims made in MRC’s report.

“There is absolutely nothing new here — just a recycled list of baseless, inaccurate complaints that have been debunked by third parties and many that failed in the courts,” a company spokesperson told the Post.

“Politicians on the left have a long history of making similar claims, too,” the spokesperson continued. “We have a clear business incentive to keep everyone using our products, so we have no desire to make them biased or inaccurate and have safeguards in place to ensure this.”

“Numerous conservatives have been particularly successful in using our platforms to spread their message to a wide audience,” the Google representative added.

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