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Gunman enters Taco Bell, threatens customers — who then take gun and pistol-whip the guy


Gunman suffered deep gash on his forehead

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A gunman got quite a bit more than he bargained for after entering a Taco Bell in downtown Cleveland and threatening customers last week.

What happened?

Taco Bell employees said the man came into the restaurant about 10 p.m. Feb. 26 and started yelling at a customer and then spitting at the feet of several more customers, reported, citing police reports.

After customers confronted the man, he pulled an airsoft gun from his waistband, the outlet added.

With that customers overpowered the man and took the gun from him, said — and then they used the gun to pistol-whip him several times over the head and chased him from the restaurant.

Cleveland police officers found the man standing outside the store with a deep gash on his forehead, the outlet noted, adding that cops found the airsoft gun on a nearby restaurant patio and seized it as evidence.

What happened to the gunman?

An ambulance took the man to a hospital to be treated for the head gash and receive a mental health evaluation, said, adding that court records showed the 37-year-old hadn't yet been charged.

Gunmen and Cleveland Taco Bells — maybe not a good match

Taco Bells — particularly those in Cleveland — might not be the best landing spots for those up to no good.

In September 2017, a pair of armed robbers entered a Cleveland Taco Bell — not the same one as last week's incident — and ordered employees to the floor. But three of the Taco Bell employees were armed, too — and they fired at the culprits, killing one of them.

(H/T: Blue Lives Matter)

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