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Woke mob goes after Hailey Bieber for 'cultural appropriation' over TikTok video showing her 'brownie glazed lips' makeup routine
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Woke mob goes after Hailey Bieber for 'cultural appropriation' over TikTok video showing her 'brownie glazed lips' makeup routine

Hailey Bieber has been accused of "cultural appropriation" by social media users for a TikTok video showing her in the middle of a makeup routine in which she creates "brownie glazed lips," ABC News reported.

Bieber's viral clip — during which she applies dark lip liner and clear lip gloss — actually was posted over a month ago and now boasts 15.7 million views. ABC News in its early Wednesday morning story said her caption was "Ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips." But as of Wednesday afternoon, the caption reads "the lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall."

What did she apparently appropriate?

ABC News said some TikTok users accused the model and wife of singer Justin Bieber of appropriating the makeup routine popular in the late '80s and '90s among women of color, particularly black and Latina women.

Sandra E. Garcia, a New York Times style reporter, told "Good Morning America" that Bieber's TikTok post reflects the double standard in which women of color are "looked at as lesser than any other woman just because of the way they decide to do their own makeup. But then another woman, a white woman, does the same thing, and her lip gloss is sold out, and she's now the face of the trend," ABC News reported.

Jillian Hernandez — professor at the University of Florida's Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women's Studies Research — added to "Good Morning America" that black and Latina women often don’t often profit from their fashion and cultural trendsetting, the network said.

ABC News said Hailey Bieber has not responded to its request for comment.

'I’m Latina and who cares'

The "Good Morning America" video segment on the matter drew some pointed reactions — in the opposite direction — from YouTube commenters:

  • "I’m Latina and who cares," one commenter wrote. "I’m so over people making it about the race and making it seem like certain races are not allowed to wear certain hair, certain make up style[s], etc. — just call it the chola look, and call it a day. Anyone can wear it LOL. ..."
  • "OMG, how are we ever as a society going to break this chain of toxicity and hate, if ppl can’t stop complaining about petty 'BS' like this," another commenter said. "People have been doing this forever; it’s not cultural appropriation; it’s cultural appreciation, cultural sharing, and I cannot understand why this is such an absolute issue. Is this who we truly are as a society now? Is this how petty we’ve really become?"
  • "Just because she’s doing something she likes for fall doesn’t mean she’s taking credit for it lmao," another commenter pointed out.

Hailey Bieber faces backlash for 'glazed brownie lips' l GMAyoutu.be

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