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Hillary Clinton mocked for cringy video promoting foreign policy teaching gig

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

Hillary Rodham Clinton was mocked on Twitter after Columbia University posted a promotional video of the former Secretary of State announcing a new upcoming foreign policy decision-making teaching gig.

On Wednesday, Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs announced that Clinton and Dean Keren Yarhi-Milo will co-instruct a new course in the fall 2023 semester.

The video begins with people cheerfully reacting to the news that Clinton is "running again."

"This is wild. She's running again," one person states.

The video then cuts to Clinton, who plays along with the pun by physically running into an office to meet Yarhi-Milo.

"Here I am," Clinton announces as she enters the room.

"Hillary, you're running again," Yarhi-Milo replies.

“Well, I sure am, Keren. And I just got here early for the new class we're teaching together on foreign policy decision-making," Clinton states in a cheery voice.

Yarhi-Milo then explains that the class does not start until September.

"Yeah, but I wanted to be prepared, Keren," Clinton replies. "And, you know, when it comes to crisis situations, you always got to be prepared."

Yarhi-Milo then praises Clinton for being "more prepared than anyone to teach this course."

The duo's new class, "Inside the Situation Room," is open by application only to students attending the university's School of International and Public Affairs and undergraduates from Columbia College, Barnard College, and the university's School of General Studies.

Yarhi-Milo plans to teach students the "theory of political decision-making and strategy."

Clinton will cover "what it was actually like in the room during the bin Laden raid, the Iran sanctions, the Gaza ceasefire, you name it."

Yarhi-Milo asks Clinton if she is prepared to answer the students' challenging questions.

"Bring it on," Clinton laughs. She then exits the office by proclaiming, "I gotta run."

According to a press release posted by the university, students will learn "how to analyze and understand the complex interplay between individual psychology, domestic politics, public opinion, bureaucracy, the international environment, and other factors which feed into decisions about foreign policy," including the "use of force, signaling and perception, intelligence and its analysis, the deployment of other instruments of statecraft, and more."

The course will address several questions, including how gender, personality, and emotions impact leaders' decisions and whether public opinion sways leaders' decision-making processes.

The promotional video made the rounds on social media, where Twitter users mocked Clinton for her inflated enthusiasm and labeled her a warmonger.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald retweeted the university's video and added, "The US official who has urged more wars than anyone over the last 3 decades with the possible exception of John Bolton - including Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine - is teaching Columbia students a class called 'Foreign-Policy Decision-Making.' And boy they're excited!"

In the same thread, Greenwald posted a video of Clinton's reaction to learning that Muammar Gaddafi had been killed in 2011.

In the video, Clinton exclaims excitedly, "We came, we saw, he died!"

Greenwald wrote, "Video of the moment Hillary Clinton learned -- as a result of the war she insisted Obama join -- that Muammar Gaddafi had been killed by a street mob (after Obama vowed it wasn't a regime-change war). This left behind a decade of slavery, ISIS and anarchy in Libya. Anyway…”

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