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65% of Hispanic voters support a temporary closing of the border with Mexico to curb illegal crossings

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A new poll found that a large majority of Hispanic voters supported a temporary closure of the U.S.-Mexico border in order to curb illegal crossings.

The poll was conducted by Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action and published Monday.

Among Hispanic voters, the poll found that an astonishing 65% supported a temporary closure. That was 9 percentage points higher than the 56% among all voters who opposed the closure.

The results were highly partisan, with 89.2% of Republicans saying they would support a border closure, while only 22.3% of Democrats saying the same.

An earlier poll found that the rescission of Title 42, a policy curtailing the entry of asylum seekers, was the most unpopular policy decision of the Biden administration. Among Hispanics, 44% opposed rescinding Title 42, while only 40% said they supposed the decision.

The decision was so unpopular that several state attorneys general joined a lawsuit against the Biden administration and a judge issued a temporary restraining order against ending Title 42. Critics on the left have claimed that the policy was motivated by xenophobia and racism against migrants of color.

While Democrats are alarmed by their losing support among Hispanics, there are signs that they are also losing support among black voters who have previously supported them.

In one report from NBC News, black voters said that it didn't appear to matter who was in office, whether it be a Democrat or Republican, and many said they planned to skip the 2022 presidential election altogether.

Experts and pundits believe Democrats are headed towards catastrophic losses in the midterm elections that will lead to Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives and possibly even the Senate.

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