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Liberals are melting down after California beach city votes to ban LGBTQ+ flags at city buildings: 'I hate this city'
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Liberals are melting down after California beach city votes to ban LGBTQ+ flags at city buildings: 'I hate this city'

Furious online critics lashed out at a beach city in California after voters approved a ban on flags displayed at city buildings, including those related to the LGBTQ+ movement.

The ballot measure changed the city's charter to exclude flying any flag from Huntington Beach city offices except the city's flag, the state's flag, the U.S. flag, and military flags.

The measure won with 58% of the voters while 42% voted to oppose it, according to the Orange County registrar.

Councilmember Pat Burns said in an interview that he supported the measure because he believed it was "demeaning" to the LGBTQ+ community to fly the Pride flag on city offices.

“Everybody has got something they can identify with, and I don’t believe it’s our government’s position to start playing those identity politics games," he added.

Peg Corley, the executive director of the LGBTQ Center Orange County, told the Los Angeles Times that refusing to fly a Pride flag led directly to hate crimes against the community.

“The LGBTQ community is not a political statement nor a special interest. We are people who wish to live our lives without suffering hate or discrimination for who we are," said Corley.

“The most recent Orange County hate crimes report documents a 125% increase in hate crimes and hate incidents against LGBTQ people," she added. "Cities can help reverse this dangerous trend with a public show of support such as flying the Pride flag during Pride month. The recent ban by the Huntington Beach City Council speaks volumes.”

"Yup, Nazi beach town"

Critics online angrily denounced the city and accused it of bigotry and hatred.

"The ban on pride flags really winning in Huntington Beach. I’m surrounded by a bunch of a**holes," responded one critic.

"The Huntington Beach City Council is run by a hateful majority whose only interest is advancing an agenda of intolerance for minority communities, including LGBTQ+ individuals," replied another detractor.

"Any place that chooses to exclude an entire segment of the population is not inclusive enough for us. See you never!" said a commenter who claimed he and his partner would boycott the entire city.

"For those not from California, Huntington Beach is absolute dog***t in terms of people," another tweet read.

"Yup, Nazi beach town Huntington Beach was already known for being racist & bigoted and now they’re leaving no doubt…," responded a woman who identified herself as "woke."

"I hate this city so much," read another tweet.

Some news sources misled readers with headlines suggesting the city banned Pride flags throughout the entire city by omitting that it was only at city offices.

Only 23% of registered voters showed up to the polls. Huntington Beach is a city of about 200k people in Orange County about 35 miles south of Los Angeles.

Here's more about Huntington Beach's vote:

Huntington Beach Measure B bans nongovernmental flags on city properties

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