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CNN's Jim Sciutto gets roasted for claiming inflation 'took a breather' in latest economic report

Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

The latest economic report showed a very minor decrease in the rate of inflation, and many on social media roasted CNN's Jim Sciutto for his characterization of the news on Twitter.

Americans have been struggling with the plague of high inflation caused by the big spending policies of the Democrats, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the lingering damage from the pandemic and an economic shutdown.

On Wednesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation for the month of April was recorded at 8.3%, a rate historically high, but slightly lower than the rate for March, which clocked in at 8.5%.

Sciutto responded by referring to the minor pause as inflation taking a "breather" for the month.

"US inflation took a breather last month for first time since August. Prices still increased, but at a slower pace than in previous months," Sciutto tweeted.

"CPI was up 8.3% in 12 mos ending in April - a decrease from the 8.5% recorded in March," he added.

Many on social media ripped into Sciutto for the tweet they saw as biased.

"You are an embarrassment," read one very popular response.

"Good news! Yesterday the quicksand enveloped me up to my chest, but today it's only up to my nose! I'll be out of here in no time," read another popular reply.

"Breaking news…the economy is fixed — in CNN land," said Matt Vespa of Townhall.com.

"Embarrassing, you are," responded Curtis Houck of Newsbusters.

"You never disappoint," said Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review.

The Biden administration has tried to pin the entire blame of inflation on the Russian invasion but polling suggests a plurality of Americans blame Democrats and their policies for the damaging decrease in the value of money.

Here's more about inflation dooming the Democrats:

President Biden faces inflation and low poll numbers heading into midtermswww.youtube.com

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