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Joe Rogan defends A-list actor Chris Pratt against 'insane people' who malign him for being a Christian

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Podcaster Joe Rogan has spoken out in vehement defense of Christian A-list actor Chris Pratt, who he says is the subject of much hate due to his religious convictions.

What's a brief history here?

Rogan made the remarks about Pratt following the announcement that the "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor had been tapped to play Mario in the upcoming animated film based on the Nintendo video game series, “Super Mario Brothers.”

In late November, the film's co-producer Chris Meledandri defended Pratt from casting criticism.

"All I can tell you is the voice that he's doing for us, and Mario, is phenomenal," Meledandri said of Pratt's casting. "Yeah I can't wait for people to hear it."

When asked if he understood the potential offense Pratt voicing a traditionally Italian character might cause, Meledandri said, "Well, as an Italian American myself, I understand. You know, I understand the comments ... Charlie Day, who's playing Luigi, actually comes from Italian heritage. Yeah, so that's our nod."

He added that despite the criticism, he doesn't believe that people will be coming en masse to cancel the film upon its release.

"I don't think so. I think they'll have to [see it]," he said. "I don't think so."

What are the details?

During his latest broadcast of "The Joe Rogan Experience," the namesake host said that Pratt only ever gets in trouble "because he's a Christian."

“He’s the nicest f***ing guy I’ve ever met in my life,” he continued. “They’re all insane people that hate their jobs that are sitting in front of the cubicle when their boss isn’t looking they’re tweeting bad things about Chris Pratt.”

He added that social media's treatment of Pratt is nothing more than a "bully pile-on."

“What it is is a bully pile-on,” Rogan insisted. “You see someone being vulnerable and you can snipe at them and you don’t have any repercussions and they’re not in front of you so you attack the guy.”

Rogan recalled a time where he was hunting with Pratt in Utah.

“He’s so nice. Chris Pratt is like one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s genuinely friendly," the host insisted. "I’ve been in hunting camp with him. He’s nice to everybody. My point is I’ve seen him interact with people. He’s super kind, super normal guy.”

Rogan added that many people are so ugly to Pratt because Pratt is open about practicing his Christian faith.

“He’s kind of outside the lines in terms of his ideology, he’s a Christian, and pretty open about it," he said. "Because of that they attack him.”

Content warning: rough language:

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