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'You guys will be draft age': Joy Behar says teen MAGA supporters will be drafted to fight Russia if Trump is re-elected
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'You guys will be draft age': Joy Behar says teen MAGA supporters will be drafted to fight Russia if Trump is re-elected

Daytime television host Joy Behar warned viewers that they must not re-elect Donald Trump or else the country risks allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade other parts of Europe.

Behar and her fellow panelists on "The View" were reacting to political commentator and comedian Jon Stewart's return to television, where "The Daily Show" host mocked President Biden's competency in relation to his old age.

Behar took offense to the jokes, stating that Trump is nearly the same age and only cares about "staying out of jail."

"All weekend I was ruminating about what he said about getting us out of NATO. I don't think that people understand what that means," Behar began, referring to comments by Trump. Trump noted at a rally that he wouldn't protect NATO members who don't meet their defense spending targets.

The host then stated that if Trump were to follow through with such a threat, Russia would soon invade the rest of Europe, resulting in a military draft in the United States.

"I saw this video of all these young MAGA guys celebrating Trump, and you know what? You guys will be draft age. You want to start up with the Russians going into Ukraine and then to Crimea and then to Poland. What's next? France, Germany, Italy? You think Americans are not going to be involved in that kind of a war? That's what you're looking at with this guy."

Behar, who is the same age as President Biden (81), then referenced Adolf Hitler in regard to Putin, who she claimed would follow in Nazi footsteps in terms of a military advance.

"I hate to bring up Hitler, but before before Hitler became powerful, he stuck his little toe in, and the Brits and the Americans ... everybody appeased him and said he's not going to get worse and then they gave over the Sudetenland to him, and then the next thing you know he's invading Poland. Then he's occupying France, and then he gets Mussolini on his [side]. This is what Putin is going to do. It's very very urgent that we not elect [Trump]. It's not just about us; it's not about just the economy; it's about the world's geopolitical issue."

The hosts then took turns noting that they had family members who were drafted into the Vietnam War, with Behar stating that people "don't know what it's like" to send young men to war, seemingly having forgotten Operation Iraqi Freedom, also known as the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003.

"These boys who are 13, 14, 15, they will be the ones to go. They will have the draft back again. I lived during the Vietnam War, my husband now had to join the National Guard to get out of it, and those poor boys came back with Agent Orange ... and people don't know what it's like when you send boys to fight," she concluded.

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