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Juan Williams says girls charged with felony murder in death of Uber Eats driver were just looking for a 'joyride'


'Usually you don't bring a stun gun to a joyride'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Fox News host Juan Williams offered a different perspective Monday concerning the two teenagers whom police have charged with felony murder in the death of an Uber Eats driver: They were just out looking for a "joyride."

What is the background?

Mohammad Anwar moved to the United States from Pakistan in 2014 in search of a better life for his family. Anwar's life came to an abrupt and violent end last Tuesday when two teenage girls — ages 13 and 15 — allegedly attempted to carjack him while he was making deliveries as an Uber Eats driver in Washington, D.C.

Video of the incident that went viral on social media showed Anwar begging witnesses for help when his car suddenly sped away while he was hanging outside. Just seconds later, the car crashed into parked cars and rested on its side. Anwar was thrown from the vehicle during the incident, and he later died of his injuries.

Video of the shocking incident showed that nearby National Guard soldiers and other witnesses failed to render aid to Anwar as his mangled body twitched on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, one of the teenage girls can be heard saying, "Please, my phone is in there. My phone is in there."

Police charged the perpetrators — who they said also assaulted Anwar with a stun gun — with felony murder, an enhanced charge because Anwar's death occurred while the suspects were allegedly in the process of committing a serious felony.

What did Williams say?

During a panel discussion on Fox News' "The Five," Williams seemingly downplayed the seriousness of the crime.

Williams' remarks came in response to co-host Jesse Waters, who asked why the story has not received more coverage.

"I can tell you— it's not that I would say it's top of the front page or top of mind for everybody in Washington, but people are talking about it," Williams responded.

"I think, in part, what it is, is you've got— it's tragic. I mean, you've got these teenage girls. I mean, they're little kids. They're not gangsters. They're not hardened criminals. I don't think they intended to kill anybody. They were looking for having a joyride, and it just went way wrong, way out of control, and ended up in a gross tragedy," Williams said. "I mean, this is unbelievable. Their lives are ruined, and that man is dead."

Waters shot back that "usually you don't bring a stun gun to a joyride."

Williams responded, "I mean, it's like, you know, kids finding guns in their parents' house. I don't know what to say, Jesse. It's awful. It's a terrible situation."

Williams also defended Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), who was criticized over the weekend for tweeting carjacking prevention tips.

"With regard to the mayor's tweet, again, look, I think that what we have seen in recent months is an increase in carjackings, car thefts, in this area, and so for her to say 'Be cautious,' I don't think that was the wrong note," Williams said. "I think it's good for us all to be cautious as we see a rise in this kind of crime."

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