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'Most cringeworthy politician': Kamala Harris mocked for putting on 'French accent' for scientists in Paris lab


Vice President Kamala Harris suffered yet another "cringe" moment this week. Harris was mocked for seemingly putting on a French accent in front of scientists at a laboratory in Paris, France.

Harris made a four-day trip to France this week — her third overseas trip since being in office. Harris traveled to France to try to help mend relations with America's oldest ally after French President Emmanuel Macron was furious with the Biden administration in September.

Australia bailed out on a $66 billion deal with France for 12 new diesel-electric submarines. Instead, Australia reached a trilateral security partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom — known as AUKUS — to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to the Australians. France called the deal a "stab in the back" and recalled its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia. President Joe Biden attempted to smooth things over with his French counterpart by saying the U.S. acted "clumsy" and noting that the submarine deal "was not done with a lot of grace."

Harris stated the trip had an objective to "build on our administration's progress strengthening our alliances and partnerships in Europe and around the world." However, the reconciliation tour experienced some turbulence on Tuesday when Harris appeared to speak in a French accent at a COVID-19 lab at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

The vice president attempted to explain how politics was different from science.

"In government, we campaign with 'The Plan,'" Harris said in what is believed to be a French accent. "Uppercase T, uppercase P, The Plan!"

"And then the environment is such we're expected to defend 'The Plan' even when the first time we roll it out there may be some glitches and it's time to re-evaluate and then do it again," she told the French scientists – again using a purported French accent.

Kamala's alleged French accent was panned on social media.

Political commentator Monica Crowley simply said, "Hot mess."

RNC deputy communications director Nathan Brand declared, "Kamala Harris is the most cringeworthy politician."

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News, "The clip from Vice President Harris is just, it's more than embarrassing on the world stage. ... Our adversaries watch that and see weakness. They see people who aren't serious, they see people who aren't determined — precisely the opposite of what we did for four years."

Political columnist Joe Concha said of the video, "There really are no words anymore… #AuRevoir."

Abigail Marone, press secretary for Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), joked by making a reference to the political satire comedy TV series "Veep," "Is she using a FRENCH ACCENT?! I love this episode of Veep."

Harris, who grew up in Berkeley, California, until she was 12, then moved to Canada, was previously denounced for using a southern accent during a campaign event last November. The then-candidate was accused of putting on a southern drawl at a drive-in rally at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina.

Kamala also suffered criticisms of her authenticity last month when she appeared in a space exploration video with "students," who were reportedly child actors hired by the Sinking Ship Entertainment production company.

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll released this week showed that Harris has an abysmal 28% approval rating among Americans — which is 10 points lower than President Biden. Kamala has the lowest approval rating among modern vice presidents — even lower than Dick Cheney's 30% approval rating in 2008.

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel attempted to cover for Kamala's all-time-low approval rating by claiming that "sexism and racism" are the "obvious" reasons why she polls so poorly. Twitter reactions to Kimmel's remarks ridiculed the talk show host over his notion.

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