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Jimmy Kimmel says 'sexism and racism' are the 'obvious' reasons for Kamala Harris' 28% approval rating. But observers are having absolutely none of it.

Twitter video screenshot via @tomselliott (left); Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images (right)

Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel punctuated a sometimes humorous segment focusing on wildly unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris by saying "sexism and racism" are the "obvious" reasons for her 28% approval rating among Americans.

One might take such a statement as another attempt at a joke, but Kimmel's tone came across as anything but humorous when he made his "sexism and racism" statement:

How did folks react?

Observers on Twitter weren't about to accept yet another tired charge of American "sexism and racism" to cover for Harris' failings:

  • "Or the fact she said she believed all the accusations of sexual assault against Joe Biden then immediately became his VP running mate," one commenter noted. "Integrity? What's that?"
  • "No, she's incompetent and has a nasty personality," another user said. "Did you see her 'talk' with 'school age children' about NASA. She was totally incompetent and had to hire child actors to play the role."
  • "The reason Harris is unpopular is because she has no personality," another commenter said. "Comes off so phony & I'm guessing her little space TV show with child actors didn't help her fake persona. And yes, the nervous cackle response to hard questions is annoying. Assholes come in all colors & genders."
  • "Imagine when you have almost nothing to do, and you still fail miserably in it. That is what you have with @VP," another user said. "She was asked to go to the border...did she? Has she done anything to improve that situation? You know the answer @jimmykimmel, and it's not race or gender."

And a few folks dug their claws into Kimmel over his decidedly hypocritical "sexism and racism" call out. Here's one striking example:

As many folks know, Kimmel openly engaged in plenty of sexism and racism on Comedy Central's "The Man Show," long before his higher-profile job on late-night TV. And when America's reckoning with race took place in 2020, Kimmel's past caught up with him, culminating with him issuing a rather defensive apology for wearing blackface numerous times onscreen (apparently without using the word "blackface," mind you).

(H/T: Red State)

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