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Katie Hill says she cried for days after the GOP flipped her former congressional seat: 'f**king devastating'


'I went offline & cried for a few days'

Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Katie Hill said that she cried for days and was devastated by Republicans flipping her congressional district from Democratic control in a special election.

The former U.S. congresswoman tweeted that it was her fault the seat went back to Republican hands.

"So yeah it really hurt to have my old seat flip back to Republican-for a ton of people & also for me. In fact, it was pretty f***ing devastating," Hill tweeted on Monday.

"I went offline & cried for a few days but, as always, getting ready to stand back up & keep fighting. Hope you are too," she added.

Hill resigned from Congress during a firestorm of controversy related to the release of explicit photographs of her in a "throuple" relationship. The report claimed that she had engaged in an unethical relationship with one of her staffers, accusations she has denied.

That seat was won by former Navy fighter pilot Mike Garcia, a Republican.

"Let's be clear. My ex gave nonconsenual nude pics of me to the ppl who wanted this seat- people who were backing Garcia when he was my opponent," Hill explained in a second tweet.

"They gave those pics to the press. I resigned," she added. "I take full responsibility for my mistakes, but this Republican win is no coincidence."

Hill went on to apologize to the Democratic candidate who lost the election to Garcia and promised to work to win the seat back for Democrats in November when it goes up for vote again.

Before Hill flipped the seat for Democrats, it had stayed under Republican control for 25 years.

The victory for Garcia was the first time since 1998 that Republicans have been able to flip a seat from Democratic control in California.

Here's more about the special election:

California Republicans flip House seat for the first time in decadeswww.youtube.com

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