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Lara Logan opens up on tearful interview with alleged sex slaves: 'They were going to be raped that night'



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Veteran news correspondent Lara Logan spoke out Tuesday on the difficult interview set to air on her new Fox Nation series, "Lara Logan Has No Agenda," in which she spoke with two alleged sex slaves and their pimp.

What are the details?

Logan's new docu-series debuts with a stirring interview with a self-proclaimed Mexican sex slave trader and two of his purported slaves.

Logan appeared on Tuesday's "Fox & Friends" where she detailed the interview with the two young women and the slave trader.

"The two that I interviewed — one was 12 when she was bought from her family, and the other was 13," Logan told the "Fox & Friends" hosts. "They told me that, and their pimp told me that — separately."

Logan explained that the interview was particularly hard to cover because she knew the girls' fate.

"It was brutal," she admitted, "brutal to cover because I knew when they stood up and walked out that room — they were going to be raped that night. And that was just unbearable."

Logan said that the many women who are being sold — and are often transported to New York City to be used by high-paying clients — are being held prisoners during their interactions with "buyers."

"It's just staggering that in New York City, if you live in Brooklyn and you're walking home from work in the evenings," she said, "you should know that you are walking past buildings where girls like that are being raped every single day, where girls like that are being held as prisoners."

What else?

During the interview, the unnamed trafficker told Logan and her crew that wealthy New York City men will pay anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000 for a sexual encounter with underage Mexican virgins.

Logan's new show is a four-part docu-series consisting of 16 investigative episodes featuring subjects such as immigration, media bias, socialism, and veterans.

Fox Nation is a subscription streaming service.

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