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Liberals angrily lash out at Chuck Todd after he says massive spending bill is bad for Democrats: 'It's infuriating'

Photo (left): William B. Plowman/NBC, Photo (right): MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Supporters of the Democrats' political plan lashed out angrily at MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd after he pointed out that their massive spending legislation might not be good for Democrats electorally.

Todd made the comments on "Meet the Press" Tuesday as he commented on President Joe Biden signing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan that Democrats were able to pass with help from a few Republicans.

"Look, yesterday that event hit, I'll be honest, it felt like — it just felt like an event out of time. That event might have been impactful in August or September, or October," said Todd.

"It feels more like an epilogue to the ending of what's going to — [what] might not be a good story for Democrats in 2022," he added.

Liberals immediately went on the attack against Todd for daring to criticize how long it took for Democrats to pass their bill.

"Has Chuck Todd ever been trending for anything other than being a piece of s***?" asked one detractor.

"This is beyond parody. And it's dangerous," tweeted Brett Meiselas, founder of the liberal media group Meidas Touch.

"Chuck Todd desperately wants Republicans to win in 2022. It's probably better for his ratings. Don't agonize, organize and make his ratings drop like a stone!" read another critical tweet.

"Chuck Todd is leading the line-up for Dem-bashing again ... I cant tell the difference between MSNBC and FOX these days and it's infuriating," tweeted another critic.

"Is Chuck Todd receiving payola from Fox News? MSNBC should really question the motive of their 'employee'," read another tweet.

Todd's comments were hardly out of right field — many pundits have noted that Americans are returning damagingly low poll numbers for the Biden administration over various scandals and incompetent incidents.

This isn't the first time liberals have excoriated Chuck Todd and demanded that he be fired from MSNBC. In January, he criticized Biden's coronavirus response, and many on the left reacted similarly.

Here's the video of Chuck Todd's comments:

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